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The Untethered team takes this work seriously.
Talk to any of us, and you’ll find out where our passions lie. We’re happy to chat more with you about any questions you might have, and invite you to come learn more about what could be a simple but life-changing approach to your wellness.

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Dr. Meggie Graham

Dr. Graham is passionate about providing patients with the highest level of clinical excellence while maintaining the utmost in patient comfort. While she is certainly dedicated to alleviating her patients’ concerns.  It is the relationships that she builds along the way that bring her the most joy. She is committed to life long learning in order to offer the most beneficial, non invasive, predictable treatment options to her patients.

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"It seemed so cute at first..."

My oldest nephew appeared to be sleeping so peacefully at night. In fact, he would even snore from time to time, which his parents were convinced was a sign that he was just “sleeping hard.” As a baby, he didn’t nurse well for my sister. As time went on, he had some early speech delays at two years old, and we recognized that during the day he breathed exclusively through his mouth. As a dentist, I knew something was wrong, but I also didn’t have the training from dental school to know what exactly was going on. So, true to form for me, I went searching for answers. I kept asking why!

In my quest for more information, I ended up opening Pandora’s Box. Research related to airway’s central role in overall health and wellness jumped off the page for me. So much of the reading, discussing and learning that I did put into context what I saw in so many patients.

  • Adults living with chronic exhaustion and fatigue.

  • Exasperated moms who did everything in their power to get their baby to nurse successfully, but couldn’t.

  • Lifelong dental issues stemming from limited tongue mobility and dysfunction, undeveloped facial musculature and inadequate space.

If you know anything about me, it’s this:
when something strikes me as important, I go all in.
In my journey as a general dentist, I was consistently seeking more and more knowledge to better understand why my patients were at risk for what I considered avoidable dental care. That led me down what I first believed to be a rabbit hole and have since learned to be a bottomless crater of continuing education. I have an insatiable thirst for understanding “The Why”. The question of why consistently led to disrupted, fragmented sleep, mouth breathing, and mouths that grew too small to accommodate the tongue.  What started as a subtle wondering turned into a full blown commitment to attending as many conferences, lectures, workshops, and collaborative meetings as possible. I have been fortunate enough to listen and learn from many of the world’s leading experts in the field of sleep disordered breathing, growth and development and dental health. I am even more fortunate to now call many of these experts mentors and friends.

As with any new knowledge, once it’s seen, it can’t be unseen. I started to see myself, my family, and my patients in so many of the lectures I attended. I slowly started to apply what I was learning to treatment for my crew. I was endlessly grateful to watch the people I care the most about have positive changes in not only their dental and systemic health, but also their quality of life. This journey continues daily and won’t end until I retire. And even then, if I’m like my retired dentist dad, I’ll keep attending conferences!

And that’s how Untethered started and will continue to grow.
I am endlessly passionate about improving everyday life for people. So much of that starts with the ability to breathe, and to sleep, and to do these basic, unconscious things that have such a huge impact on our entire well being. I firmly believe that commitment and attention to the most basic of human function, nasal breathing and stable sleep, can prevent a multitude of unnecessary medical interventions and compromised quality of life.

 - Dr. Meggie Graham



Shaina serves as Dr. Graham's right hand for all procedures and works extensively in the Myofunctional Therapy Department. It's often said, and for good reason, "Shaina runs the show." She loves to help others achieve improved health in their lives. Outside of Untethered, Shaina is a mom to her beloved fur-baby, Brandy and an Auntie to a human child, Sophie. She and her husband Luke love attending festivals and playing volleyball.


Bonnie is our talented Myofunctional Therapist, and also serves a Dental Hygienist at our sister organization, Lake Park Dental. Bonnie possess a well-rounded healthcare knowledge and is always excited to learn more and grow! She loves helping our patients decrease dental risks and all-around feel better and live healthier lives. Bonnie is married to her husband Khanh and they have two daughters, Vhada and Vhara.


Laura is honored to be likely the first face that you'll see when you arrive at Untethered, and she cannot wait to meet you! She is a superhero with patient intake, answering questions, and of course, making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable with her warm personality. When not at the Untethered office, Laura is a world-class foodie that loves to try new restaurants! She also enjoys travel, modeling, and spending time with her firefighter husband, Teddy, and their cat Chloe!


Lisa operates with a patient-focused mindset at all times! She is ever supportive of each of our patient's health journeys, and is passionate about the work at Untethered. Lisa is responsible for the medical billing and advocates to recuperate funds wherever possible. When not working to give our patients the best experience possible, Lisa is a workout aficionado and loves to learn about comprehensive health. She is married to her husband, Corey, and they have twins, Stella and Wyatt.


Natalie is the "organizational goddess" of Untethered, as she does all of the scheduling and correspondence with our beloved patients, and she does it all with a smile and her warm personality. Originally from Iowa, Natalie has developed a deep love for the state of Wisconsin during her time here. She loves books and reading to her nephew George over FaceTime. She is married to her husband, Spencer, and together they are raising their cat named Margo.

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