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Palatal Expansion

A narrow maxillary palate (roof of the mouth) can cause a host of problems if left unaddressed. Through palatal expansion treatment these issued can be reversed.

Up until a child hits puberty, when bone and facial structures are still in the midst of their development, we can rather easily influence the growth trajectory of a child’s palate.

There are a few primary benefits to palatal expansion:

  • Improve the positioning of teeth—the ideal arch form allows adequate room for adult teeth to erupt and align,

  • Encourage lateral and forward jaw growth, creating greater capacity for nasal breathing—more tongue space and more nasal air volume,

  • Create a more aesthetically-pleasing smile.

"How does it work?” Each scenario is unique and specific to the individual. Sometimes we use functional appliances to aid in Myofunctional Therapy, other times especially in young patients we use removable appliances. No matter what the approach, we are here and happy to work with you!

Once your palate reaches the optimum expansion point, the appliance stays in for another few months—with no more expansion needed—to allow new bone to form in the gap. ​During this time, your expansion becomes stabilized to ensure long-term success!

​From start to finish, palatal expansion takes around six months.